A real career in care

At Platinum Care, your career progression matters. We have a defined career progression pathway providing the support and development for your career in care


In addition to mandatory training, we provide an opportunity for individuals to develop specialisms, including unique training in dementia, wellness and stress management.


We are pioneering new models of care that enable individuals to lead a fulfilling life. Our individual services are in huge demand and you can be a part of changing how care is delivered.

Career in Care Bury

How we support your career development

One of the biggest advantages of working with Platinum Care is we offer internal career progression. We offer a true career in care. When you start working with us we will build and develop your career profile. This profile identifies the training and supports you will need to progress through the different job roles open to our employees. Typically starting as a support worker you will gain valuable experience and training to either develop as a lifestyle supporter. Once you have obtained the necessary training, support and experience to progress to lifestyle supporter you will have an opportunity to develop your role in one of two areas (or if you really want to both) and choose either team leader or wellness coach. All the time developing valuable skills.

What are the career roles defined?

Support Worker – A support worker enables a person to manage their basic needs. These needs may include but are not limited to Meal preparation, personal care, transferring,

Lifestyle Supporter – A Lifestyle Supporter manages more than just essential needs. Their role is to support an individual not only with basic needs but with their wellness. The role will involve some of the responsibilities of a support worker however you will be expected to actively increase a clients wellness. This may include basic meditation, active involvement in social engagement, life planning.

Senior – A Senior is an individual who will develop client support packages and manage a team of lifestyle supporters, and support workers. Their duties will include supporting and mentoring their staff, identifying training needs and manage the day to day activities of their staff. They will be expected to fill in for holidays and sickness as the needs arise.

Lifestyle Coach – Unlike Lifestyle Supporter and Support Workers this role is much more coaching oriented. Your role is predominantly to improve the wellness of clients. You are expected to support and deliver to a structured plan a range of activities designed to develop improvements to client wellness. These activities will include, but are not limited to, meditation, education, monitoring, leisure activities, diet planning, and listening/befriending services.

Quotes from Platinum Care Employees

“I worked in an office before I joined Platinum Care. I was uncertain I could do the role but I have never looked back. I go home and feel I made a difference.”

“When my Children left to go to University I felt lonely and dissatisfied with my Life. I joined Platinum Care and now I feel fulfilled with my career in care”

“I love the shift patterns at Platinum Care. It feels like I work only half the year and can still have a full family life.”

“I didn’t think I could do care, my mum laughed when I applied. She is so proud of me now and says I have grown up so much.”

“I love making my service users smile and knowing I made a difference in their day.”

“When I joined Platinum Care I was shy, meeting new people and people with different life experiences has greatly improved my confidence.”

At Platinum Care we select Carers who are passionate about providing home care to those in need on a daily basis.

Why Should I apply to Platinum Care?

We are an award winning home care agency. We care for and value our clients and our employees and constantly strive to improve the work life of all our colleagues.

What types of shifts do you offer?

We are constantly growing and have a wide variety of shifts you can choose from. We have long shifts, short shifts, day shifts, night shifts,  and live-ins. We are available 24hrs a day 7 days a week so we are flexible and will work around your schedule.

Where can I work?

We currently work within the Bury MBC area we do often get packages of care outside this area.

Do you recruit people who have not worked in care before?

Platinum Care has an excellent record in training and development of individuals who have never worked in care before. We recognise that you may be a little fearful of such a dramatic change in your career however we are here to support you.