Elite Lifestyle Support – Focussing on Wellness

One of the greatest challenges in supporting individuals to live their lives is to get the package of support right. Often the seeds of failure in supporting individuals are sown at the planning stage. Without building a relationship with the individual who would benefit from additional support and indeed their loved ones, support soon becomes anything but. Our Elite service is designed to ensure not only do our ‘Lifestyle Supporters’ enable individuals to maintain or improve their lifestyle, but our engagement process also ensures the greatest success rates of managed support to increase individual wellness.

It is our aim is to provide a complete wellness package for individuals living within Bury and surrounding districts. If you wish to find out how we can support you or your loved ones please feel free to contact us for further details.

Our Elite Service Provides you with
  • Unique customised Lifestyle Support.

  • A named customer account manager

  • Experienced and professional Lifestyle supporters.

  • Flexible and unique support

  • Peace of mind

Wellness in Bury

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If you have any concerns about your own or a loved one’s wellness and you wish to find out more on how we can help Please contact us on the link Below. Our Elite lifestyles and wellness services cover Bury and surrounding districts.

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Our Elite Lifestyle Support service

Maintaining your lifestyle as we age is so vital to our wellbeing. Often when the time comes where we either think we need care or family believe we need care it becomes a huge threat to our perceptions of what our lifestyle will become. We start to see our life dramatically change and many compromises have to be made which leads to a serious deterioration in our wellbeing.

Platinum Care Elite is a new and radically different approach to supporting your lifestyle. This begins the moment you get in touch. Every stage of our service is radically different from normal care provision as our values are based solely on maintaining independence and managing wellbeing. For example please see below the different onboarding process and for more information about our service please contact us.

Standard Care Planning
  • Contact made by the Service User

  • Appointment Booked to create a Care Plan

  • Careplan Created and start date agreed.

  • Carers turn up and begin Care

Elite Lifestyle Assistance
  • Contact made by the Client

  • Personal client manager appointed.

  • Client Manager discusses various options and will book a visit

  • Client Manager visits the client and conducts an assessment directed by the client.

  • Client Manager discusses wellness options to ensure that our lifestyle supporters are engaging with the client’s wellness at the forefront of any support given.

  • A lifestyle assistant is appointed based on your lifestyle needs and personality. This person then will visit the client to ensure that the assistance given is the best fit for the client and enables the client to maintain their lifestyle.

  • Visits are then booked onto our system and monitored to ensure that the client’s wellbeing is improved and the previous lifestyle is maintained with a minimal amount of compromise.

Free download resources

Platinum Care is proud to offer the following resources for your personal use completely free of charge.