You Have the Right to Choose Your Home Health Care Service Provider

The Care Act became law in 2014. It puts together all the previous pieces of law about social care as well as setting out some new duties and rights. The biggest part of the Act, part one, is about how local authorities should provide social care. This part of the Act has been in force since April 2015.

There were many key elements to the new act that combined numerous other acts but one of the essential components was choice. The ability for those needing care to have a say in how that care/support was to be delivered was a fundamental component. The following are brief snippets from the act that may help you.

– If you are eligible for long term care and support, you have a legal right to a personal budget even if you are in residential care. Your support should be arranged through a personal budget as a matter of course.
(Relevant care act requirements: 11.2, 11.7, 11.16, 10.7)

– You should be told before you develop a plan how much money it should take to meet your needs, and how much money the local authority will put into your personal budget.
(Relevant care act requirements: 11.3, 11.7, 11.24, 11.10, 10.3)

– It is you and your family who decide how the personal budget is used, regardless of where it is held.
(Relevant care act requirements: 11.7, 11.29, 11.3)

– You can choose how the personal budget is held, taking the money directly, asking the Local Authority or a care provider to hold it.
(Relevant care act requirements: 11.3)

– Your personal budget should be worked out in a way that you can understand.
(Relevant care act requirements: 11.4, 11.24)

– There must be enough money in the budget to meet your needs, you are free to pay more if you choose.
(Relevant care act requirements: 11.10, 11.14, 11.24)