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Must- Have Essential for the Elderly This Winter: 

November 17, 2023

During the winter season, it is extremely important that we take extra care of our loved ones as the temperature drops. In this blog, we will explore some key essentials to help keep them safe and warm throughout the chilly months: 

Appropriate footwear: 

Things like paths, steps and concrete surfaces can be a hazard for anyone, especially the elderly. Make sure you provide your elderly loved one with sturdy, non-slip footwear that has a rubber sole for good traction. This will reduce the chance of any falls and slips. 

Warm clothing-layering is key: 

Encourage your elderly loved ones to wear multiple layers of clothes to trap in heat. knitted and woolly materials make all the difference on frosty winter days.do not forget hats, scarves, and gloves if your elderly loved ones venture outside often.  


It is vital to ensure their living space is properly heated. You can schedule heating to come on and off at your desired temperature. So, work out a schedule for the most convenient times to put the heating on, for example, in the morning. 

Blankets and throws: 

Cozy blankets and throws are vital for staying warm indoors. Provide your loved ones with a soft, warm blanket to snuggle up to whilst they watch tv. 

Winter proof the home: 

Help them winter proof their home by sealing any drafts and insulating any windows and doors. This will not only keep the cold draft out but also reduce heating costs. 

Hydration and nutrition: 

Staying hydrated and eating nutritious meals is important for overall health, especially in winter. Encourage your loved ones to drink plenty of fluids and consume warm, nourishing foods such as soup. 

 Safety measures: 

Just like you would winter proof the home, make a conscious effort to also safety proof the home. Assess for any potential hazards or safety concerns and act accordingly to prevent them. Doing things such as making sure pathways are clear of snow and ice will make all the difference in protecting your loved ones this winter. 

If you find you may need a little assistance in assisting your loved ones this winter, here at Platinum Care, we offer amazing home care services that can aid in just about any domestic need. For more information, please get in touch. 

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